I don’t expect you to love me,"
his hands around my waist, lips on my collar bones, he gets drunk off the taste of my skin - whispers empty promises and trails kisses along my neck. i don’t ever let my eyes fall shut and dream of how his fingers might feel tangled in mine, how we might make a beautiful tragic ending.
“I don’t expect you to love me,”
we’ve built a castle in these sheets, king and queen ruling side by side, we are wearing crowns of sweat and passion and feeling but not love. never love. his palms trace stars along my spinal cord, connect constellations from the freckles on my wrists - i don’t dare to envision how i might fit perfectly in his arms.
“I don’t expect you to love me,”
his voice sounds like freight trains and hurricanes, his face hot to the touch. he looks beautiful and broken in these two a.m. city lights, speaks infinities, tells 3 a.m. secrets for only my ears to know. i don’t let myself think of how i could fix him - of how i’d tear my heart out if he needed a new one, would break every piece of myself if it meant he’d be whole.
“I don’t expect you to love me. I never expected to love you. I’m not quite sure what to do with this mangled heart- but I don’t allow myself to imagine handing it to you. —it was supposed to be uncomplicated // mmc


Being ignored is one of the worst feelings i’ve ever felt. 


i love typing like this tbh it’s very comfortable and using internet slang is nice. I feel sorry for the ppl who are stuck on the idea that using proper grammar makes u superior to others


I love this city. And I see it going to hell.
I won’t let it fall apart without a fight.

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